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General Questions

What is the Sumter Soccer Club?
The Sumter Soccer Club is a volunteer 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded to promote soccer in the region.  This is done by offering different soccer leagues, training, camps, educational events, tournaments and other gathering.  It is open to anyone with similar interest.  Volunteers and Donations are much appreciated.


Who Runs Sumter Soccer Club?
The Sumter Soccer Club is run by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Information about how to contact them is available under the About Us Tab of the Website.  They typically meet the 4th Sunday of each month although this will change from time to time so check the website or the club’s social media feeds for information.  These meetings are open to the membership and participation is highly encouraged.


What is Club Soccer?
Club soccer is as the name implies a group that forms for the promotion and development of soccer in their area.  Typically, they are affiliated with a state and/or national organization and offer both recreation in-house programs and more competitive travel teams.   They often host camps, tournaments and other events to promote the sport in their area.

Does My Child Need to Be a Super Star to Play with The Sumter Soccer Club?
No.  The Sumter Soccer Club was founded to help develop soccer for all levels.  It is a developmental club that has offerings to meet the needs of all youth soccer players regardless of skill level.

At What Age Can My Child Start Playing with The Sumter Soccer Club?
The Junior and Recreation Programs are for ages 4 to 12.  Academy level is available for those age 8 or higher and select level players are 13 or older.  The Sumter Soccer Club follows the age guidelines set forth by US Youth Soccer in that age is based on a child’s age on January 1sttof each year.  It does not go by school year so it is not unusual for children with birthday early in a calendar year to be in a different age group then others in their class with later birth dates. To find out exactly what age group your child should be in CLICK HERE.

Isn’t Club Soccer Really Expensive?
This is something you hear often from those that don’t really understand club soccer.  Most clubs including the Sumter Soccer Club offer various programs to help meet the needs of ALL looking to get involved in the sport.  Yes, when you figure in the cost of league fees, team fees, travel and time academy and select teams are more expensive than the club’s in-house recreation or development offerings.  Sumter Soccer Club because it is a volunteer organization offers some of the lowest fees in the region for similar offerings.  Cost should never be a reason not to participate.  If it is a concern please contact us.

I Heard Club Soccer is Prohibitively Time Consuming.  Is That True?
Typically, our Recreation & Junior Programs practice twice a week for about and hours and play games on Friday evening.  The academy and select teams do require more of a time commitment and are geared towards those players that want to make soccer their major sport and have a desire to develop their game to the fullest.  Each team at this level practices 2 to 3 times a week and have one to four games a week.  The academy team may be asked to travel up to an hour or hour and a half to play for some league games while select teams may be asked to travel a little farther.  Teams in these upper divisions also normally participate in tournaments though out the state as well.


My Child Plays Multiple Sports?  Can He Still Play Soccer with the Club?
Yes.  The club has offerings for all levels of interest and commitment.  There are times during the year where there is little or no club activities.  During these times players are encouraged to play other sports and to stay active.  Especially at the young ages and at the recreation/Juniors levels it is suggested players try out other sports.  As mentioned earlier the higher level programs are designed more for those that have decided to make soccer their main focus, but as long as there is no conflicts there is no problem.

Do I Have to Live in Sumter to Play for Sumter Soccer Club?
NO. The club currently has teams in Columbia and Sumter.  There is no residency requirement to participate in any of these.  The club regularly has players from throughout the region come play with the club. 


Does Sumter Soccer Club Offer Girls Teams?
The Sumter Soccer Club welcomes girls and all effort is made to form girls only teams in age groups when possible.  However, if there are not enough girls available in an age group they are welcome to play with the boys teams.  Especially at the younger ages girls are often more physically developed than their male counterparts and tend to excel.  If you have a young lady that wants to play and are interested in knowing if there is a girl specific team available please feel free to contact us.

Why Choose Sumter Soccer Club Over County Parks & Recreation Soccer?
This is a very common question and I think there are misconceptions about both offerings that tend to cloud things.  Each has its place and purpose.  Both are out to promote the sport in their own way.  Typically, the offering by the local parks and recreation focuses more on playing games and less on practice and player development.  Most team have more games than practices. With more focus on games and less on practice skill development may suffer. The cost tends to be about the same as the clubs Recreation/Juniors Program.  The Sumter Soccer Clubs philosophy is more based on player development and thus typically the players will have as much or more practice time than game time.  We still make it fun, but we take the long-term approach to developing players.  Cost of the higher levels and to a lesser extent the Academy teams is slightly more in total, but you get so much more.  More Practice with licensed coaches and more games with a higher level of competition.  As stated above there is a time and place for both.  If you have questions about where you child would fit best please contact us.  We would love to help.

Should My Child Play in the Club’s Recreation/Juniors Program or the Academy/Select Program?
The club offers different programs to best meet the needs and requirements of the community.  Our Juniors Program is designed for all players from U4 to U8.  It consists of two practices with a coach specializing in player development and one small sided game a week.  It is about having fun while learning the skills needed to play the game.  The structure of these practices is such that many of the players are having too much fun to realize they are actually learning valuable soccer skills.  Our recreation program is for U9-U12 players that may not have the time or other resources to commit to an academy level team or are a late starter in the sport that is looking to develop skills and confidence.  The Academy and Select programs are for those players looking to make soccer their primary sport.  There is a little more time and financial commitment in these groups.  Each player at this level will be evaluated and placed on a skill and age appropriate team.  They will practice 2-3 times a week including at least one training session with a developmental coach.  They will play other teams of the same age and skill level throughout the region in both league and tournament games.  If you have any questions about where you think your child may fit please contact us as there really is a place for most everyone’s need.

My Child Has Never Played Soccer Before.  Can He Still Join the Sumter Soccer Club?
Yes.  Sumter Soccer Club is a developmental club and has offerings to benefit all skill levels.  Focus of all we do is on the long-term development of all those involved.  We regularly have player evaluations and would love to help you find where you player fits best.

We Just Moved to The Area.  Is it Too Late to Join the Club?
Please contact us directly.  The Junior & Recreation programs normally have registration in July-August for the fall season and February for the spring season.  If you want to participate in those programs you really need to register during those times.  If you are looking to join the Academy or Select programs evaluations/tryouts are held in May for the year starting in July through the following May.  We try to find places for anyone that is interested, and it is not unusual for there to be spots available on the team.  The club also normally have open tryouts/evaluations for any open spots the first week or two in January.  So if you are interested please let us know.

Does the Sumter Soccer Club Offer Non-Travel or In-House Soccer Programs?
Yes.  Our Juniors program is a non-travel program for the younger kids and the club offers a recreation level in-house program for U9 to U12 players.  The cost of these programs are very comparable to other similar programs in the area.

Does the Club Only Offer Competitive Travel Programs?
No.  See Above

What is My Child’s Age Group?
The Sumter Soccer Club follows the age guidelines set forth by US Youth Soccer in that age is based on a child’s age on January 1st of each year.  It does not go by school year so it is not unusual for children with birthday early in a calendar year to be in a different age group then others in their class with later birthdates. To find out exactly what age group your child should be in CLICK HERE.


Does Sumter Soccer Club Offer an Adult League?
At this time we do not, but if there is interest we would be open to help form one.  A number of our coaches and parents do participate in leagues and pickup games in the area and would not mind helping if contacted.


Does Sumter Soccer Club Have Teams Outside of Sumter County?
Sumter Soccer Club currently has teams in Columbia.  We are always looking to expand and welcome those from outside Sumter County to join our organization.

Can My Child Still Play Soccer with Parks & Recreation if They Are on a Sumter Soccer Team?
The short answer is yes, but you probably would want to talk with your coach to make sure there is no conflicts.  In Juniors and in our Recreation program they practice on two set nights and then play on Friday.  If playing with the parks and recreation team can be worked around that then then is great.  At the older age groups because of the time commitment and really the physical stress of playing soccer all the time playing both is definitely not recommended.

Where Can I Buy Sumter Soccer Club Gear?
You can contact the clubs merchandise director at [email protected] or go to or CLICK HERE to visit our site.


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